Come and Join Our Family 


We’ve been waiting for you!  It’s true, because we believe that every person who comes into the circle of this special fellowship was sent by God Himself.  It’s not by accident when you open this website – it’s by God’s own choosing.  We’re eager to get to know you, and excited to share with you the marvelous ways God is working in our church.




Pastor Leonard E. Turner, Jr.

In the fall of 1972 Mary Jo and I answered  the call to come to Union Church--  a small country church in west Knoxville.  When we came here we were not looking to “step up” and go to a larger church.  We felt God had called us to a special ministry here at Union.


We have seen many changes in the past forty-two years, had the privilege of raising two beautiful daughters, and having them and their families now worship with us every Sunday.  For more information on our Staff please click HERE.


I believe in Biblical preaching, teaching, and living and would love to invite you to come worship with us.




History/Our Beliefs


Union Church has been in this community since 1860.  We were originally located on Union Road, bought property and moved into a gymnasium in 1980 and added a Sanctuary in 1990 at our present location on Everett Road.  We have approximately 14 acres and a 30,000 square foot church.


Cumberland Presbyterian is a denomination formed in 1810 out of the great revival.  We are an evangelistic branch of the Presbyterian body.  Many people have asked what the difference is in Cumberland Presbyterian and other branches of Presbyterian faith.  We differ with the Westminster Confession of Faith on these issues:


  •  That there are no eternal reprobates.  (No one is predestined to go to Hell)

  • That Christ died not for a part only, but for all mankind.

  • That all infants dying in infancy are saved through Christ and the sanctification of the Spirit.

  • That the Spirit of God operates on the world, or as co-extensively as Christ had made atonement, in such a manner as to leave all men inexcusable.


Another difference in us is  that we were the first Presbyterian body to ordain women elders and ministers.


We believe the Bible to be the only infallible rule of faith and practice.  The Bible is taught in Sunday school and several Bible studies through the week (See our Calendar).  Come and join us for an exciting time in the Word of God.



Introductory Video

Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church is of the Presbyterian tradition, which simply means that our government consists of elders and pastors with each elder being  responsible for some form of ministry in the church.  An elder is described as a spiritual leader or overseer.   


Our staff consists of:


Leonard Turner, Sr. Pastor;  Alfonso Marquez, Hispanic Pastor;  Gary Hartman, Media Ministry; John Peach, Truck Stop Ministry; Frank Galbraith, Choir Director; Dave Garner, Radio Manager (WUCP – 99.9 FM)  and Judy Perkins,Office Manager.


Please note that a Nursery is provided at all of our services.